Some of the best features

Surrounded by smart features and the best tools and approaches for efficient production at your disposal.


KPI values, classification of rejects and downtime analysis, error and process failure analysis.


Process data acquisition, traceability of data and FDA conformity according to 21 CFR Part 11.


Data acquisition from PLC or sensors. KPI calculation in the Edge device.


Secure cloud connection, monitoring, analysis, data backup and live data events.


Automated and customized PDF reporting and archiving of production/measurement data.


OT-Security, recommendation and implementation according to IEC-62443. Firewall, IDS, IPS, DPI.

New ways to digitalization

Accelerating your digital transformation requires more than just the right Industrial IoT platform. You also need real-world technology applications that fit your business.

A first glimpse at INVISTA

The INVISTA Dashboard provides critical information that ensures systems are operating at optimal efficiency, minimizing downtime and reducing defects.

Organize your production

Smart companies organize themselves.

Pricing & Plans

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing.

For a taste of INVISTA and small systems with simple requirements
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Base dashboard for one system
Monitoring of the production KPls
Downtime and failure analysis
Security and admin controls
phone and email support for one year
INVISTA Standard
For high requirements in the areas of condition monitoring, data management, analysis, reporting and traceability.
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INVISTA Standard
Condition Monitoring Dashboards for KPI
Downtime and Error analyisis
Reporting Tool
Thresholding and Alerting
Analyses over several systems
Data Traceability
FDA 21 CFR Part 21 Comform
INVISTA Advanced
For high demands on cybersecurity, networked systems, data management, analysis, reporting and traceability.
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INVISTA Advanced
Includes all INVISTA standard features
Dashboard with landing page
Cyber Security Modul/ Firewall/ IDS/ IPS
Integration of Machine Learning/ Predictive Maintenance
Integration of ERP/ MES

Our Solution for Smart Factory

On the way to Industry 4.0, we are relying on 3 decisive game changers: automation, digitization and security.

Increase efficiency

Analyze trends in the data and identify inefficient process steps.

Increase quality - reduce costs

Smart systems such as INVISTA display the process steps transparently and show potential for optimization.

Increase productivity

INVISTA focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics and artificial intelligence, and robotics and vision.

Reduce downtime

Detect errors early and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Improve key figures

Deviations are detected directly and can corrected immediately.

Protect your production

Implementation of a safety concept
according to the recommendation of the IEC-62443 standards.